About Us

Our mission is to share and grow
the world’s knowledge.

MedicosHUB has the mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge related to health. A vast amount of knowledge would be valuable for many medicos, especially towards building your career in the medical field. We want to connect professionals at a single platform to guide the upcoming future generations. Our mission is to provide a platform where the senior guides their juniors, where experienced doctors and postgraduates can guide about the future.

MedicosHUB, the mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge

Why Choosing MedicosHUB
Our Values

The potential of this is huge, as there is no other platform where you get valuable knowledge from highly experienced professionals. We want to provide to know and ask questions and answers from highly skilled professionals. We aim to provide valuable and correct knowledge to the upcoming generation in the era of disinformation lab.


Dr. Hareesh Kumar

CEO, MedicosHub

Dr. Mike Hussy

Co-Founder MedicosHub

Dr. Imtiaz Hussain

Co-ordinator MedicosHub